Yesterday I had my braces taken off, it’s crazy how different it feels. A friend described it as having salmon slices as teeth and it’s a pretty accurate description!

It’s good to know the ulcers are over and the brace induced cuts are history! But having braces genuinely wasn’t that bad, I felt like they were a nice change to my appearance and it was always exciting knowing what they were doing. I’d fully recommend it for anyone who is sceptical; whether it’d be about pain, aesthetics or any other reasons, it is all temporary. And the result is awesome (:

Just a pointer, if you play a contact sport, don’t think that having no gum shield is fine. I lost mine and played 1 game of rugby without out it, and ended up getting elbowed in the face and having to unhook my bottom lip out of my brace. Unpleasant. Other than that, having braces are awesome! And now I’m stoked about having them off!